a feiraa num minuto

Exhibition outlook

On exhibition: 
• Environmentally-friendly, organic and gluten-free food
• Water, beverages (soft drinks, juices), coffee
• Olive oil
• Beverages (water, beer, soft drinks and juices)
• Spirits
• Meat and meat products
• Canned food
• Fruit and vegetables
• Milk and milk products
• Bread, cakes and pastry
• Fish and fish products 
• Services and equipment for the Horeca channel
• Services and equipment for Bakeries and Confectioners 
• Wine 

Exhibitor profile:
• Exhibitors of Products, Equipment and Services of the Agro-Food Sector

Visitor Profile:
• Professionals (every day)

    Horeca Channel – Hotel Industry | Restaurants | Coffee shop,
    Bakeries, Confectioners, 
    Foreign Buyers

Public (open to the public only on 29 October)
    With a Ticket office to enter the SO FOOD SO GOOD Hall – 10€ / ticket


Organization Spot
EXPONOR – Feira Internacional do Porto